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    Login needed for each object in Qlik Sense mashup

    Martin Pallesen

      Hi all


      First of: I know very little about networks and domains.


      I'm trying to create a mashup using iframes which is to be shown on a smart-TV in my company's cafeteria. However, because the smart-TV isn't a registered user on the network, I then need to log in with DOMAIN\USER. This isn't a big problem itself, but I suspect it is linked to my real problem. And my real problem is:

      When I enter the URL (generated by the Qlik Sense Mashup Editor) in the smart-TV browser, I am prompted to login. After that, I also need to enter login credentials for EACH iframe-object on the page for them to load. This consumes more than 5 sessions (which is the maximum number of allowed parallel sessions for a user).

      So how can I avoid having to log in to each of the objects in my mashup? Do I need to put my IT department to work to solve this?


      Thanks in advance!