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    Dimension colours in stacked bar charts Qlik Sense

    Semir Shewayish



      I have a bar chart that measures sales across a number of financial periods. For each period I want the bar to be broken down by customer category (i.e. stacked bar chart). So the bar chart has two dimensions, Period and Category. On the sheet, the period is a filter. The user can select a period and other objects on the sheet reflect various values for that period. But within the bar chart I want all periods to be shown and so I have the measure expression set as




      When no period is selected each bar is shown as a stacked bar chart reflecting the various categories,



      However, when a period is selected, only the selected period shows the categories,Pic1.png

      Is it possible to make all periods show the categories when a period is selected?


      Periods are 4 digits, first 2 are the year, last 2 represent the period in the year. E.g. 1710 means period 10 of year 17.

      Categories are text, e.g. 'Shops'. There are 6 categories.


      Thanks, appreciate any help that anyone can give.