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    Days to keep and reports to keep - relevant to Sense hub ?

    Sagar Addepalli

      I enabled dynamic naming and included the date and timestamp, into the report name  and left days to keep and reports to keep to 1-

      expecting to see multiple reports in the Sense hub with different timestamps in the reportname, for multiple task runs and then the days to keep and reports to keep parameters would kick in action and delete all older reports than a day from the "hub". But, all that was happening was whenever i run the task, it just keeps overwriting/replacing the report in the hub with the latest generated report.


      I feel that both the days to keep and the reports to keep options are relevant only for the "newstand" and not to the hub. "Hub" always shows the latest version of the report generated by the task. "number of days" and "days to keep" don't make any sense when generating reports to hub.


      Can anybody confirm this please ?