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    Limit a Pivot due to Performance Problems

    Christian Schmitz

      Hi all,


      I am building a "Self-Service" Pivot Table,

      where the user can select 1 to 35 dimensions to be shown and there is (just) one expression.


      Depended on how many dimensions the user has selected, the more bigger the pivot gets.


      This pivot has a very bad performance on the Access Point and I wanted to ask for help, something like a condition (under Layout, Condition) to check how many datasets / rows are displayed. The question is, how should the condition look like:


      I have tried to use getpossiblecount(Dim A) * getpossiblecount(Dim B) * etc.

      and also with count(aggr(1,[Dim A],[Dim B))


      I am not really coming further.  Did anybody already touch this performance topic of a self-service pivot, who could please give a advice?


      Kind Regards and thank you!