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    11.20/Windows 10

    Tim Bosler

      Good morning,


      We are having some issues with Windows passing through credentials through to Qlik View and QlikSense.  We don’t use AD log ins all the time for all users.  We’d like them to log in when accessing Qlik View or Sense.   Unchecking Enable Integrated Windows Authentication through Internet Properties would not be an option for most users (and in conference rooms and such).


      We believe that using Forms on Sense we thing would be an option, but on our View instance, we were just going to use Forms, but we get a Server Error page and so that is not working.  Are there any other options?

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          Peter Cammaert

          You state that "We don’t use AD log ins all the time for all users". I guess you already know that mixing AD (or local directory or Windows NT) users with any of the custom directory options requires you to use two AccessPoints that are configured differently?

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