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    Help with rounding in script

    Vinay Bangari

      I’ve attempted to do the following functions within the script and nothing seems to be working to remove the trailing numbers and round to the nearest cent.


      Num([Posted Base Amount], ‘#,##0.00’)

      Num#([Posted Base Amount], ‘#,##0.00’)

      Round([Posted Base Amount], .01)

      Ceil([Posted Base Amount], .01)

      Floor([Posted Base Amount], .01)

      Round(([Posted Base Amount] * 100) / 100

      Left(([Posted Base Amount], Index(([Posted Base Amount], ‘.’)+2)


      Has anyone seen anything like this before?


      Round([Posted Base Amount], .01) works as an expression on the front end, but was wondering if there was anything in the back end that would fix the number throughout the application.