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      Hi Folks i have a table setup like below:







      but my average column doesnt appear to be working. if i create a stats box and select the area LL it gives me the correct average but if i have all my areas selected it doesnt give me my average is there a way of showing the clicked average on the table with out selecting the actual area i hope this makes sense?


      thanks all



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          Peter Rieper

          It would be clearer, if you could post an example to see the fields/datastructure in your application:

          You may replace the formula behind "Average Reve...." by =COLUMN(3)/COLUMN(1)

          which should divide the Revenue by the number of orders.



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              Hi Peter,


              i was just been thick i think i was able to do it just by adding a column and selecting Avg (Revenue)


              i do have a more complex problem though


              i want to work out this:


              i have the number of orders but i want to put something in place that will show me all Orders upto a Certain Weight


              so Orders upto weight 100 - 250

              251- 500

              501 - 1000



              not sure how i can put this into a table though if anyone has any ideas?

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                  Peter Rieper

                  You may build a formula with nested IFs, like

                  IF(Weight < 100, 'Low', IF(Weight < 250, 'Light', IF(Weight <500, 'Medium', IF(Weight < 1000, 'Heavy', 'Super Heavy'))))

                  I would prefer to have it in the script, same formula:

                  IF(Weight < 100, 'Low', IF(Weight < 250, 'Light', IF(Weight <500, 'Medium', IF(Weight < 1000, 'Heavy', 'Super Heavy')))) AS WeightCategory