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    QlikView SBE query

    Saurav Gupta

      I had qlikview licenses(Enterprise edition), but since 2012 we are not using qlikview, but licenses are no more active. My account manager told me to buy new Qlik SBE(Small business edition), For this i have to buy new licenses and Qlikview SBE server. Buying licenses is understood to me, but why should I buy SBE server though I already have a server of mine(The one in which I had QlikView EE). As I am new in Qlik world, I can not understand this.


      Would'nt buying licences will be enough ? I could not find proper documented information on this.


      --Thank you

        • Re: QlikView SBE query
          Peter Cammaert

          If you bought a QlikView EE server license in or before 2012, they should still work if they weren't of the Temporary type.


          What won't work is installing the newest QlikView server release with a license for which you haven't paid any maintenance fees for 5 years. If you cancel your maintenance payments, you will only be able to install/upgrade to the last version released in the last maintenance period.


          Qlik has a policy for customers that want to pick up maintenance again, after a period of non-payments. If this situation applies to you, contact your partner/account manager to discuss a maintenance renewal and the associated costs.