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    Only () for content of fields

    beck bakytbek

      Hi Folks, i have the following data-structure,


      Info,         Typ,      Sales,

      ABC1,      FK          100

      ABC2,      FK          150

      ABC3,      EK          220

      ABC4,      DK          180


      if i want to know the sum of  Typ = FK , so then i am using: the set expression like


      Sum({<Typ ={'FK'}>}Sales) and my result does look like > Sum of FK = 250 and it does work well,


      my issue is, that i have a lot of data, and i want to know the content of fields , like Info

      for example: Only(Sum({<Typ ={'FK'}>}Sales)) and i want to display the fields with Info: ABC1, ABC2 but it does not work.

      Does anybody have any idea, how to show the content of fields of Info on the base of fields of Typ, Sales

      Thanks a lot