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    Trouble with color coding by expression on map

    Erin Vanderpoel

      I'm trying to color code by expression on a map and it's not working ... I believe the calculation to be correct, can anyone help with this? I can send you additional information if needed. Thanks!


      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>3,rgb(102,37,6),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>2.5,rgb(153,52,4),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>2,rgb(204,76,2),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>1.5,rgb(236,112,20),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>1,rgb(251,154,41),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)>.5,rgb(254,196,79),

      if (Sum([Shrink Dollars])/Sum(Dollars)<.5,rgb(254,227,145))))))))