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    Number in app doesn't match Data Model Viewer

    Lauri Scharf

      In Sense Server (Sept 2017), I have an app that loads multiple tables. Some of the tables have a key field named Recipient_Unique_ID. In the Data Model Viewer, it shows this field has 80,664 Total Distinct Values. However, when I create a KPI of Count(distinct Recipient_Unique_ID), it returns only 6,094. No filters are on.

      Shouldn't the KPI produce 80,664?

      Side-note: Another strange thing about the Data Model Viewer in this particular app: In the Preview of the tables, there are many empty rows (with just a dash for every value).Capture.PNG

      Thank you in advance!

        • Re: Number in app doesn't match Data Model Viewer
          Lauri Scharf

          I'm answering my own question:

          The discrepancy is due to section access. I assumed that, because I'm admin with access to all, I would get to see ALL data in the sheets. Well, no.


          My section access is based on a field called ORGID. As admin, I can see all data related to every value of ORGID. The detailed data reside mainly in two tables:

          EHRdata (fields: ORGID, PatientID)

          CLAIMSdata (fields: PatientID, Recipient_Unique_ID)


          Therefore, any rows that I loaded into CLAIMSdata with a value in PatientID that doesn't have a match in EHRdata will NOT be visible in the app, because those rows don't have corresponding ORGID values, which are necessary for section access to grant me visibility into them.


          Thanks for the opportunity to work this out for myself.