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    Qlik Sense - Create columns based on dimension values

    Sushma Murthy

      Hi All,

      I have data in the following table format:

      EmailFull NameSystems Support
      Name1@gmail.comName 1System 1
      Name1@gmail.comName 1System 2
      Name1@gmail.comName 1System 3
      Name2@gmail.comName 2System 1
      Name2@gmail.comName 2System 4
      Name2@gmail.comName 2System 2
      Name2@gmail.comName 2System 5
      Name2@gmail.comName 2System 3
      Name3@gmail.comName 3System 1
      Name3@gmail.comName 3System 2


      I need to create the following using a simple table in Qlik sense:

      EmailNameSystem 1 SupportSystem 2 SupportSystem 3 SupportSystem 4 SupportSystem 5 Support
      Name1@gmail.comName 1YesYesYes
      Name2@gmail.comName 2YesYesYesYesYes
      Name3@gmail.comName 3YesYes


      How do I create a create a conditional dimension column? Please help.

        • Re: Qlik Sense - Create columns based on dimension values
          Petter Skjolden

          1) Create a Pivot Table

          2) Add Email as Dimension

          3) Click "Add data" / "Row" and select "Full Name"

          4) Click "Add data" / "Column" and select "Systems Support"

          5) Click "Add data" / "Measure" and type in  ='Yes'


          And you should end up with this:


          2017-12-12 00_52_02-Qlik Sense Desktop.png


          You can also do it using a Table (not pivot table) by adding each Systems Support column as separate measures with the expression:


          If( Count( {<[Systems Support]={'System 1'}>} [System Support) , 'YES' , ' ' )


          using a set expression to single out the particular row and checking if it gives a 1 or 0 which the If-function can replace with a 'YES' or a blank ' '


          Here is what I got in a (straight/regular) table in Qlik Sense:


          2017-12-12 01_06_22-Qlik Sense Desktop.png