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    Connect to local Qlik Engine API using R

    Ilias Mansouri

      Hello all,



      I'm trying to connect my local Qlik Sense using R in the R Studio environment. With the help of the Engine Explorer I created a JSON file which is then to be send to the Engine API and finally read back in in R Studio for further processing. This is the R code:


      Get_DocList <- function(){
        json <-
            "handle": -1,
            "method": "GetDocList",
              "params": {}
        json <- fromJSON(json)
        #toJSON(json, pretty=TRUE)
       con <- socketConnection(host="localhost", port = 4848, blocking=TRUE,server=FALSE, open="r+")
        stream_out(Get_DocList(), con)
        b <- stream_in(con)


      When sending the JSON request I get a completion status message but when reading the data I get: " Imported 0 records. Simplifying..."


      Can someone explain why I get no JSON-response?



      Thanks in advance