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    Sorting of a pivot table (different sorting if two dimensions)

    Alexander Lampart

      I have a pivot table with two dimensions and two formulas:


      First dimension: Item Category

      Second dimension: Customer

      First formula: Sum(Sales)

      Second formula: Sum(Quantity)


      The sorting of the first dimension should be by loading order (or alphabetical).

      The sorting of the second dimension should be by the first formula.


      What I tried:

      1) "Sort by y-Value": Sorts both dimensions by Sum(Sales) => Not what I want.

      2) "Sort by Expression" for the second dimension: "Sum(Sales)" => Sorts the customers depending on there total Sales disregarding the first dimension => Again not what I want.


      Question: Is there a way to tell QV that the "sort by expression" should consider the first dimension? Or is that what I want just something QV can't handle?


      Thanks in advance and regards