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    Direct connection to Qlik Engine forbidden outside of Everyone stream

    Nathan S

      Hey there,


      I've run into an issue with something that I've been building.  I have a PHP application that connects directly to the Qlik Engine using certificates.  This connection works perfectly when an app is in the "Everyone" stream, but as soon as I move the app to another stream the Qlik Engine returns the following:




      Is there something inherent to the Everyone stream that allows the call via the websocket to succeed that I don't have available in the other streams?  Things I've tried so far:


      • Given the calling user all possible admin rights
      • Changing the security to allow anonymous for the stream
      • Checking that the stream I've moved the app to is as close as possible to the Everyone stream (I can't give access to all users to the stream I've moved the app to).

      Has anyone run into anything like this?