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    NPrinting  - Embed an Excel table in Powerpoint

    Paul ripley


      We need to show zeros as ‘-‘ rather than ‘0’ in our tables in NPrinting when presented in Powerpoint

      I believe you can embed an excel table in Powerpoint so that you can then use excel functionalilty in powerpoint.

      I’m just wondering how to do this in NPrinting


      I can see you have the function InsertTable/Excel Spreadhseet

        Id like to take an existing excel s/sheet and insert it so that I can use the excel formatting to keep the formula a little more simple.  How do you do this?

      Many thanks





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          Stuart Cuthbertson

          Hi Paul,


          I think your question is really just a Microsoft PowerPoint question, not an NPrinting one. "How do I embed a pre-existing Excel spreadsheet file in a PowerPoint slide?"


          I don't believe it's possible to do that directly (in any PowerPoint file, nothing to do with NPrinting). However surely you can just embed a new Excel Spreadsheet using the button you've shown in your screenshot, and paste in the content from your pre-existing spreadsheet that exists separately?


          One word of warning: at the time of writing I am attempting to embed Excel spreadsheets in a Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint report (just as you want to do) and am finding that PowerPoint (the instance 'within' Nprinting) crashes consistently whilst doing this. (Nprinting Nov 2017 version.) A standalone instance of PowerPoint (outside NPrinting) doesn't crash following the same steps. I found your question whilst searching to see if I'm the only person experiencing this: whether it's me or a software bug. I'd be really grateful, if you try this out, if you can reply back if you also get crashes!

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              Elias Lohilahti



              Same problem here, Nprinting PP crashes every time trying to open Excel through that "Excel Spreadsheet" button! Does anyone know whether there is a fix or workaround for this? I would need to have an Excel Pivot table added to the PP presentation.

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                  Stuart Cuthbertson

                  Good to know I'm not the only one. Do you still get this problem in the latest version of NPrinting? (April 2018 I believe, at time of writing.)


                  I'm still on NPrinting Nov 2017 and unable to upgrade to April (or Feb) 2018 for other, unrelated reasons, so I haven't tested this against the latest version. Consequently I haven't reported this formally to Qlik as a possible bug. (In any case, I worked around it by just using regular PowerPoint tables and accepting a slight loss of functionality.)


                  If you're still getting this problem with April 2018 release, I suggest it might be worth reporting to Qlik as a bug.