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    Incorporate AND in Set Analysis after ORs

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Folks,


      I've currently got this set analysis which reads:


      A or B or C or D


      What I would like to say is something like this


      ( A or B or C or D) AND ( Y = Foo ).

      How do I express the phrase AND ( Y = Foo )?

      This is the monstrosity I've got, essentially once we've satisfied the date requirements, I need to add an "AND EmploymentType='Contractor'".  I could put this into each and everyone one of my date OR filters, but that seems sloppy and will make my statement even less readable.


      {<[Employee Start Date]={"<=$(=Min(GenDate))"}, mpp_terminationdt={">=$(=Min(GenDate)) <=$(=Max(GenDate))"}>+
              <[Employee Start Date]={">=$(=Min(GenDate))"},  mpp_terminationdt={"<=$(=Max(GenDate))"}>+
                  <[Employee Start Date]={">=$(=Min(GenDate)) <=$(=Max(GenDate))"}, mpp_terminationdt={">=$(=Max(GenDate))"}>+
                      <[Employee Start Date]={"<=$(=Min(GenDate))"}, mpp_terminationdt={">=$(=Max(GenDate))"}>} 



      Any help is greatly appreciated.