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    Expression to display non null and zero values

    ra ta

      Hi, I am trying to display a table and i would like not to rows with null or zero values.


      Can you please suggest a measure expression for that please ?


      Thanks very much.

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          Devarasu R



          yes it can be done in many ways.

          method 1:

          suppress null value in your chart dimension

          method 2:


          if( len(trim(Account))>0, Account) // make sure suppress null.

          Method 3:

          using set analysis

          sum( {<Account={"=len(trim(Account))>0"}>} Sales)

          method 4:

          using back end script method, try to make non distinct value (master dimension should contain all the possible value and not null) and exclude 0 u can use where clause


          load * from table.qvd (qvd) where  Sales <>0;


          refer to the sample,