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    How to display multiple hyperlinks in one cell in QlikSense Straight table?

    Vijayanth Radha

      In QlikSense, I have two dimensions in my straight table - ID and LINK . Sometimes I may have more than on URLs per ID like shown below:  (see ID = 2)


      ID                 LINK (as URL representation)

      1                    www.google.com

      2                    www.cnn.com

      2                    www.news.com

      3                    www.google.com


      I want to be able to show multiple URLs in one column in my straight table as show below:


      ID          LINK  (as URL representation)

      1             www.google.com

      2             www.cnn.com www.google.com

      3             www.google.com

      I want users to click on one of the two hyperlinks for ID = 2.