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    Set Analysis Question - Bring in Data for Null Value

    Basel Elias



      First of all - you guys are all awesome, I appreciate any help i get!


      Back story: I have a view that pulls all the sales for the company, the commission is based on whether the product gets billed for two months. So we have a field that pulls in the second month("SecondMonthBill") bill date to show a commission for that account. The column is null if they didn't convert that account to a second month bill.The management would like to see who didn't convert that account, so we pulled in the "ReasonDidNotBill"



      (1)How can i run analysis that just shows all the non second month into a sheet.

      (2)excluding dates on second month bill.I'd like to use a pie chart and bring in all the "ReasonDidNotBill" but when i do, it brings in "-" undefined.


      If there is an easy way to solve this that would be awesome.


      Data Example:


      Account#Sales RepSecondMonthBillReasonDidNotBill
      43431Joe Smith05/01/2017-
      52310Don Smith-Sales Rep did not follow up
      32104Lulu Smith06/01/2017-
      44187Joe Montana02/04/2017-
      14356Brett favre-Sales Rep left the team