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    Qlik Sense count rows within last week

    Chris Allen

      Hi all,


      I am trying to make a KPI to count the number of errors occurring in the last week (InputType = Error). I thought this would be simple but I am having far more trouble than I should with it. I have been trying to use variations of =Count({<InputType = {'Error'}, Date = {'>=(Today()-7)'} >} InputType).

      I have a feeling it not working may be due to different date formats, but I cannot get anything to work, even when trying to use date() and similar to convert the dates. It only seems to be summing Errors from all time and ignoring the date range.


      2017-12-092.5AAAThings brokeError
      2017-11-312.1AAASomething went wrongError


      Any help would be much appreciated.