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    Geo Analytics local server

    Fawaz Abdul Azeez

      Hi, we have a qliksense server available in public IP. Also we have a local installation for GeoAnalytics enterprise.  The Map from our local server is accessible on Qlik sense  when used inside our network. But when we try it from outside network the map shows 404 internal server error. I was of understanding sense and geoanalytics server communicate with each other and geoanalytics need not be accessible to clients. Please guide. If the only solution is to make the GeoAnalytics server also public, then how can i make sure noone else is putting traffic on that server.


      Thanks for the support


      Note: When i try more than one map in an app & at least one of them to public map , then all other maps pointing to local server also working.

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          Patric Nordström

          Hi Fawaz,

          Yes, the map server needs to be available to the client.


          The map server and the extensions are paired with your LEF key so no one else can get maps from your server.


          It's possible to have several maps on a sheet but the maps will be fed from one server, not possible to have from several different servers.