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    How to modify expression from YTD amount to total accumulated amount ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      HI All,

      my below expression working fine :-


      Sum(Aggr(SUM({<year = {"$(=Max(year)-1)"},month={"<=$(=Max({<sales = {'*'}, year = {$(=Max(year))}>}month))"},$(ColumnDim901)={$(ColumnDim901)}>}Amount*1)/$(Columndim89)/1000, $(ColumnDim108)))



      I like to modify the below expression instead of compute the YTD amount , i like to change to accumulation :-

      I have try this work , but it only give revenue amount , i need it to be dynamic:-


      I have try the below it does not work. ( As it return null value)


      Hope some one can help me.

      Paul Yeo