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    Keep exclusive filters

    Manuel Tertre

      Hello, I want to compare two time period from the same column and to have KPI showing the difference, I'm using exclusive filters to do this.


      What I do currently is that I copied my date column in the load editor so I have one column date1, one column date2 and one column amount. I have two line chart, one contains date as dimension and sum({<date2=>} amount) as measure and the other one is similar, the KPI is sum({<date2=>} amount) - sum({<date1=>} amount).


      When I filter the year 2016 in date1, it doesn't change the other line chart and it changes the KPI as expected, then, if I filter the year 2015 in date2, it deletes the first filter because no line is matched by both.


      How can I still keep both filters without having any intersection between my filters ?