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    NPrinting with configurable LDAP

    Halmar Heijnen

      Hello all,


      We have a QV server outsite our domain with a HTTP tunneling to our local domain.

      NPrinting is installed on the same server.

      Everything is working well execpt for the (SSO) Windows authentication and the on demand function.

      We can't add the NTnames to a user, because the server is not in the domain.


      In the QMC we added a configurable LDAP and this works fine for QV and in the accesspoint.


      Now comes the problem. We want to use the NPrinting on demand function in the accesspoint of QV.

      But since we can't add a Domainname, NPrinting does not recognise the QV user and gives an authentication error.


      Does anyone knows if you can work with a configurable LDAP in NPrinting?


      Thanks in advance!


      Halmar Heijnen