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    transfer SQL query to Qlikview script

    Paris Pantelis



      I have a query on my SQL server and i would like to transfer it to Qlikview because my tables from now on will be there (one of them is inline) and the other is loaded from file.


      I Have these two Tables on SQL:

      1. dbo.cases with fields -> id,start,close (these are the case id, the date the case started, the date case closed)

      2. dbo.calendar with fields -> date,daytype (calendar date and daytype=1 for working days or 0 for not working days)


      My SQL query is:


      SELECT id,start,close,count(daytype) as dayscount

      FROM [dbo].[cases]


      inner join [dbo].calendar on (calendar.Date>cases.Start and calendar.Date<=cases.close)

      where daytype='1'

      group by  start,close,id,daytype

      order by cases.start desc



      i don't know how to write the same qry in Qlikview script and any help whould by very valuable.


      PS: these SQL query is not working anymore because this SQL Server does not exist and the same tables are now loaded (inline or from file). So i have the data already loaded in my Qlikview document.