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    nprinting 17.3.1 + report naming convention in newsstand

    Sagar Addepalli

      The friendly name for my report is LeadershipResults. I've enabled dynamic naming in the report definition to something like this %%user_name%%_YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss_%%Report_Name%%


      I've run my publish task 3 times, and I see three reports in the newsstand. However, the names of all the reports turn out to be "LeadershipResults". Doesn't the naming convention, specified in enable dynamic naming not applicable to reports distirbuted to newsstand ??



      I was expecting UserName_date_time_LeadershipResults. When I distirbute the report to a folder, its working fine everytime but not in newsstand !?

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Sagar,


          Fixed in the June 2017 version (17.4).


          From the release notes:


          Dynamic naming used the report name instead of the friendly name

          Jira issue ID: OP-4968

          When the Dynamic naming was activated with the Report name option selected and a Friendly name

          was specified in the publish task, the final report incorrectly used the Report name when downloading

          from the NewsStand and in the Qlik Sense hub. Only the report preview in NewsStand had the

          Friendly name.


          HTH - Daniel.

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            Sagar Addepalli

            Hi Daniel


            You're talking about the name of the report when being downloaded from newsstand. I see that's the case at my end, as in when i download, I see the report name along with date and timestamp as in my dynamic naming convention.


            But my question here was - why is only the friendly name being shown for all the versions of the reports on the newsstand as in my image ? Shouldn't it have been as per the dynamic naming I have given - with the username, date, time etc ?? If you check nov 2017 help - its specified the same way...check below