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    Multiple user filters NPrinting 17

    Lauran van Hoek

      Hello people,


      I have a problem with User Filtering in NPrinting 17.One user can have more than 1 filter on the same dimension. When i run the report in NPrinting i get a Empty set warning


      I'm importing users/filters/groups via the Excel document. Now I made a couple filters that I attached to users.

      For example:

      User Qlik has 2 filters on Country:

           Filter1 : [Country] = {"Germany"}

           Filter2 : [Country] = {"France"}

      When I run this report I ge tthe Empty set warning.


      When I combine the filter in one filter I don't get this error, but the filters are used for more than one user so they have to be separate.

      For example

      User Qlik has 1 filter on Country:

           Filter12 : [Country] = {"Germany", "France"}


      How can I fix this?

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          Chanty 4u

          can you share the filter screen shot in nprinting?

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            Ruggero Piccoli




                 Filter1 : [Country] = {"Germany"}

                 Filter2 : [Country] = {"France"}

            to a user means that Country must be Germany AND France at the same time. That of course is false so you will get an empty dataset.


            If you apply:

                 Filter12 : [Country] = {"Germany", "France"}

            to a user it means that Country could be Germany OR France so you will have a dataset with something inside.

            In your scenario you have to create a filter for each user at least some users have the same filters but you cannot create F1 end F2 and apply them with a logical OR connection.



            Best Regards,



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              Sagar Addepalli

              How are you relating these filters to users ? based on your data model ?


              If user1 is assoicated with countries France and India and the corresponding filter should be {"France", "India"}

              and if user2 and user 3 are associated with France and the corresponding filters for them should be {"France"}.


              If the above is your usecase, why don't you just prepare your filters in the qvw/qvf itself using 'Filter={'&chr(34)Country&chr(34)&'}'..something like this. Then only the associated filters would come up to each user.


              Otherwise, as rpc pointed out, and and logic won't work as when you specify filters seperated by commas, its doing exactly that.