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    Exclude specific value from dimension

    Tom Müller

      Dear QLIK Community,


      I have a dimension, that emits costs of time. As the original source isn't that properly designed, there are some values, that shouldn't be included. When they are included, by evaluation looks like this.




      It should f.e. look like this.




      The above seen value (3.543.799.680€) appears just once, so what I want to do is exclued all values, that are higher than 10.000.000€.


      My idea was to design the dimension like this.




      As it can be seen, the false value is exluded, but the dimension isn't summed up anymore at the top. How can I design my dimension, so that the value is excluded but it furhtermore sums up the rest values?


      Thanks for the replies.


      Best regards,