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    Hours Logic Help !!!

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I'm having number of documents filed (Docs) which are connected by date field and we can filter them based on Year, Month, Week and Day.


      In my case I want to calculate productivity like below:


      Productivity = sum(Docs)/ Total Hours 


      Now the issue is I don't have any hour entered by user , so I'm looking for below scenario on Total Hours


      If a person has selected 1 day than Total Hours=8 , like wise for week Mon-Fri =40 , same approach to calculate Year , Month ,Week and Day.


      In simple words we need to assign Total Hours some values based on selection from Calender's ,so that we can divide that number by "Doc".


      Any idea how to do so???


      Note: We should ignore weekends -Sat , Sun .