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    Dynamically populate an alternate state

    Christophe Decluseau

      Hi all !


      I'm using alternate states in Qlik Sense with an excellent extension. It works fine.

      But I'm challenged on a specific subject and I think I will probably loose this challenge .


      We're analysing a population and we want to compare 2 subsets of this population. With alternate states => No pb.


      But today the question is :

      After some selections we populate StateA. This subset of my population have some caracteristics :

      Sample result :

      100 persons,

      70 Females / 30 Males,

      40 are under than 35 years old / 60 are upper than 35 years old.


      We want to compare to a subset StateB. This subset needs to have the same caracteristic and not included persons from StateA.


      After an intense thinking, I can't find solution to do this in Qlik Sense.

      With QlikView, I think I will create a macro. It will individually browse my StateA :

      Grab the caracteristic of the person,

      Make the selection,

      Randomly select another person

      and do this job for all persons of my StateA.

      When my StateA is browsed, I populate StateB with this new subset.


      My questions are :

      - This job can probably be done with a Qlik Sense API, isn't it ?

      - Do you know another way to do this (existing extension, native Qlik Sense solution) ?


      Thanks in advance for any help !


      Have a great day !