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    Datamodel -  usage of duplicated dimension

    Twan Peters

      I'm struggling with my datamodel in Qlikview.




      - A Campaign can have 1 or more Emails.

      - An Email is not always linked to a Campaign


      The Fact_Asset table is currently the link between the Campaign and Email dimension.

      However, an email does not always have Fact data, in that case the Fact table is not able to link the 2 dimensions together.


      I want to filter in my dashboard on a Campaign and see all the linked Emails, even if they don't have Fact data.

      I also want to filter on Emails, and see all my Emails, even if they are not linked to a Campaign


      One possibility is to add the Email dimension table with a Left join to the Campaign table, and rename the Email fields.

      + Add a seperated Email dimension table.


      However, that means that the Email dimension data will be duplicated, I prefer not to do that.


      Any tips/hints for my data model?