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    Query Fact and Dimension tables in load script and create new table

    Michael Simonsen

      In my load script I first load a Fact table and 10 dimension tables.

      How can I in the load script create a new table, which is a subset of the total "FactDimension" table based on values in the dimension tables.

      In SQL, it would be something like:

      Create table

      Select * from Fact

      left join ....

      left join ....

      where dim1.fieldA = "aaa" and dim2.fieldB = "bbb" and ...

      How can i do this without having to join my Fact table and the 10 dimension tables in the load script.

      In other words, how can I in the load script filter data in the same way as when the load script is completed and data is loaded into Qlik Sense.

      Thank you in advance for all ideas.