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    If statement in a String

    Aki Martiskainen



      First time posting and I hope it's in the correct section. Please feel free to move if necessary.


      I'm completing the exercises in the Qlik continuous classroom and I came across a step in a certain exercise that I don't understand.


      Learning module: Business Analyst > Create Visualizations > Introduction to String Functions


      One step in this exercise is to use the following string in a new dimension in order to organize data by region in a Filter Pane.



      In the Filter Pane there is a dimension "Region" which contains the following values: "Europe", "North America" or "South America"


      While the string is working great and returns values North America -> Americas, South America -> Americas, Europe -> EMEA in the new dimension, I'm frustrated because I can't understand how it actually works. I tried looking for similar problems with If statement combined with string function Right but no luck.