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    Fresh copy of basic Angular visualization issue

    Jesper Snihs


      I have an issue with my extension when reloading the URL in edit mode.

      This issue even happens for a fresh copy of the basic angular visualization.


      So the code for the issue is the basic template:

      define( ["qlik", "text!./template.html"],
          function ( qlik, template ) {
              return {
                  template: template,
                  support: {
                      snapshot: true,
                      export: true,
                      exportData: false
                  paint: function () {
                      return qlik.Promise.resolve();
                  controller: ['$scope', function ( $scope ) {
                      //add your rendering code here
                      $scope.html = "Hello World";
          } );



      And when I add the extension to the sheet it looks like this:




      But when I refresh the page in edit mode it looks like this:

      It says "Invalid visualization - Visualization could not be found on the server: 'name_of_extension'"



      But if I leave edit mode and refresh the page, it works fine:



      And the issue will reappear if I enter edit mode again and refresh (as long as I refresh the page outside edit mode it works fine)


      Any idea what can be the cause of this?