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    count and set analysys does not work

    Deana Nguyen

      I have been stuck at this issue for days.  I hope you can point me to the right direction of how to solve it.

      I need to get a count of “New” Users in the system per month/year.  Every time a user logon a row will be added to the below table.


      Example: Let said User A logon on 4/1/2017,   4/3/2017, 6/2/2017  then the count will be one for April 2017 and zero for the rest of the year (including June 2017)


      This works:

      if([ACTIVITY_DATE.autoCalendar.Date]= date($(FirstLogOnDate)), 'New', 'Old')


      but this does NOT work, why ?

      count ( {$<[ACTIVITY_DATE.autoCalendar.Date] = date($(FirstLogOnDate)) >} USER_ID)

      This does not work either:


                        count ( {$<[ACTIVITY_DATE.autoCalendar.Date] = {‘$(=FirstLogOnDate)’}>} USER_ID)



      where variable  FirstLogOnDate is:

      Min(total<USER_ID> [ACTIVITY_DATE.autoCalendar.Date], USER_ID)