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    Create expression as per excel in qliksense

    Pooja Goswami


      I have attached a excel in attachments.


      My requirement is that i have created a pivot in excel (Sheet 4 tab)Capture.PNG

      I have taken field location as filter.

      Customer in rows.

      Sector in columns

      Count of Empid as values.

      Now I have created a new column besides grand total column named as count.

      The expression to calculate column COUNT is Countif(range, ">0") where for range i selected from PQR to ABC .


      Now after calculating count column i put  filter on it with value greater than 1 as shown below





      After putting this filter value as greater than 1 i got the total count as 2 (fake and shipment).

      I want to implement an expression in qliksense in order to get this count.


      Kindly help.