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    How many people actually move to using QS ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      AFter I play with QS for one over year , I still feel that Q.V. is much better software , because it can have button and many plotter thing. Not sure you agree with me ?

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          Petter Skjolden

          Well - the market speaks clearly - most new customers of Qlik want Qlik Sense by a good margin.


          Your perspective are still shared by a significant portion of new Qlik customers though. So it really depends on what features matters most for your use cases.


          I like both products a lot - but I definitely prefer Qlik Sense since it gives a lot more freedom to develop modern and bleeding edge BI and analytics solutions for customers.


          I do did miss a lot from QlikView but they are not show-stoppers for my customers. They were more of a nuisance for me and my set ways than anything.  There are many innovative ways around them - and it has improved hugely the last couple of years.

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            Bill Markham

            I have done a double full cycle nothing to QlikView to Qlik Sense, double full cycle as in :

            • Been tasked with implementing a BI solution
            • Selecting, POC'ing and implementing QlikView
            • Seeing Qlik Sense arrive
            • POC'ing Qlik Sense
              • Teaching myself Web Dev to write and include a bespoke extension & mashup in the POC
            • Getting QlikView to Sense migration budgeted and approved
            • Migrating everything from Qlik View to Sense


            The most important ingredients were:

            • Accepting the Qlik Sense front end is not the same as View
              • Whilst the back end data modelling / scripting are the same
            • Working with Qlik Sense's strengths and exploiting them
            • Acquiring Web Dev skills


            I have now not worked with View for quite some months and on the odd occasion I do glance back at it, it now looks old fashioned and antiquated to me.


            As the old question goes :

            • Q:  How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb ?
            • A:  Twelve - One to change the bulb and eleven to write a song about how good the old bulb was.


            Many people did not like the transition from the old incandescent light bulbs to the efficient long lasting ones that have replaced them.  I embraced the change ahead of the curve and pretty much everyone else has now.

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                Yeo Poh sai

                HI Bill


                Your reply surprise me. Especially the last sentence. You talk about those people refuse to change will get out dated.


                THank for sharing with me the plus point of QS.


                MY issue is a bit complicated . As I spend a lot of my time try to convert all my QV report to QS.


                I need to use Qlik extension , and it does not support in cloud


                THe QV is using Tab , where QS is allow you add more sheet.


                Any way I need to sort it out myself