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    Question about Calander

      Hi There,


      I'm a little confused...


      Maybe u can help me!


      I made a calander. I made a basic table in Qlickview "year" from the calander.

      Next to the table I've made a pivot with users and issues and the beloing dates.


      When I select a year for example 2009 I want to see the same year in the Pivot table(this is just for testing).


      But when I select a year nothing in the other table get selected.


      Can someone please! help me...


      This is my calander;


      LET Start = floor(YearStart(AddMonths(today(), -12*3)));

      LET End = floor(YearEnd(AddMonths(today(), 12)));


      LET NumOfDays = End - Start + 1;




      $(Start) + Rowno() -1 as [Datum Aanmelding]

      AUTOGENERATE $(NumOfDays);




      [Datum Aanmelding],                                                                    // just in case

      date([Datum Aanmelding]) as Date,                                                      // it will be in format defined in your SET DateFormat=, or in your system format

      day([Datum Aanmelding]) as Day,

      week([Datum Aanmelding]) as Week,

      month([Datum Aanmelding]) as Month,                                                 // simple month name; it is dual - numeric and text

      dual(month([Datum Aanmelding]) & '-' & year([Datum Aanmelding]),

        year([Datum Aanmelding]) & num(month([Datum Aanmelding]), '00')) as MonthYear,                   // Month-Year format, dual

      year([Datum Aanmelding]) as Year,

      weekday([Datum Aanmelding]) as Weekday,

      'Q' & ceil(month([Datum Aanmelding])/3)  as Quarter,                                // in format Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

      dual('Q' & ceil(month([Datum Aanmelding])/3) & '-' & year([Datum Aanmelding]),

      year([Datum Aanmelding]) & ceil(month([Datum Aanmelding])/3)) as QtrYear                        // Qn-Year, dual

                                                                                            // and whatever else you may want here...


      RESIDENT Date_src;

      Drop Table Date_src;


      LET Start = null();

      LET End = null();

      LET NumOfDays = null();

        • Question about Calander



          I'm not sure if I have correctly understood your problem. You have created a Calendar table and I think you have another one with user's issues.


          If you want to filter user's issue data using the calendar data, it is neccesary to make a relation between both tables. For doing this, use the same name for issue's date field (in user issues table) and the correspondant one in Calendar

          • Question about Calander
            Dennis Hoogenboom

            Hi Marco,


            Just to make sure (because the calender can be tricky) when you look at you table view (CTRL+t) do you see both tables connected on the Date field?


            If so make a Table box and select [Date] and  [Datum Aanmelding]

            These 2 rows should match. If they dont, you have to take a closer look at the date format your data source.


            If they do match please share an example of your Excel sheet then we can have a closer look.