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    Qlik sense Upgrade Failed

    Shahzad Ahsan

      Hi Everyone

      I am upgrading qlik sense server 3.2 SR5 to November 2017. On the very first step I faced this problem.

      I have done 'Run as Administrator' then also showing same.

      Please help



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          Riccardo Zenere

          Hi Shahzad,


          I never faced that error, but it points you to the service user that is used by Qlik Sense services, not the user you're trying to use to upgrade.

          Could you please do a screenshot of your Qlik Sense services?


          Many thanks,


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            Mohammed Mukram Ali


            Two week back i also had the same issue while upgrading,


            i added the User to the Performance Monitor Users group then it's working fine without any error.

            maybe try it.



            If the service account user does not have administrator privileges, you need to add the user to the following groups in Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups.

            • Qlik Sense Service Users
            • Performance Monitor Users
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              andy whitfield


              If not already done so,

              1. create and new user with Administrator rights specifically to run the Qlik Services

              2. Assign this user as the logon user for each of the Qlik services, EXCEPT for the Qlik Sense Repository Database service.

              3. Restart all services.

              4. Log off and login as the newly created user and repeat the upgrade.


              Hope this helps


              Best regards