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    Conditional Dimension in Line Chart

    Chhavi Singhal

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement is which if i want lines corresponding to the selected statuses from the filter and if only no status is selected then only one line correspond to 'ongoing' status should be displayed.

      Dimension used:





      Count(distinct measure),

      Count({<Status={'Ongoing'} >}distinct measure))


      But i am getting a weird behaviour here. If i select values in status, 'ongoing' line is also displayed with values as 0.

      it should not appear at all



      Can we in any case make the2 dimensions- one for ongoing and other for all the values of status and make them conditional? like one dimension works if getselectedcount is 0 and one works when it is not .(This was easily possible in qlikview)


      Can someone help?