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    Finding Top5 Products in Qliksense

    nikhil garg


      Is there any way to show TOP5 products based on sales in QlikSense?

      Like we have Dimension Limits in Qlikview, do we have any option in Qliksense?



      Nikhil Garg

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          omar bensalem

          Same thing; just include a limiatation in ur dimension:


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            aparna v

            In Dimension tab->Limitation->Top , You can specify the number or expression

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              Devarasu R



              try below methods, let's say dimension is Employee and Salary is your fact measure.


              Method 1: Using Calculated Dimension

              Dimension = Calculated Dimension


              Tick Suppress When Value is NULL

              Expression = SUM(Salary)


              Method 2: Using Set Analysis in Expression

              Dimension = Employee

              Expression = SUM({<Employee = {"=Rank(SUM(Salary),4)<=5"}>}Salary)


              Method 3:  Using Dimension Limit

              Dimension = Employee

              Expression = SUM(Sales)

              Dimension Limits

              Select Show only Largest 5 Values




              Hope this helps to you



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                surendra j

                some add-on to devarasu

                --> If you want to show in Text Box

                =CONCAT(IF(Aggr(Rank(SUM(Salary),4),Employee)<=5,Aggr(Employee&CHR(9)&MONEY(SUM(Salary),'#,##0'),Employee)),', '&CHR(10),-Aggr(SUM(Salary),Employee))


                -->if you want to restrict by Script itself..

                Sample script:


                Load * Inline


                  Employee, Salary

                  A, 10000

                  B, 20000

                  C, 24000

                  D, 40000

                  E, 100000

                  F, 50000

                  G, 125000

                  H, 80000

                  I, 75000

                  J, 40000

                  K, 50000

                  L, 35000

                  M, 25000

                  N, 50000

                  O, 35000

                  P, 20000





                Load Employee, SUM(Salary) as Salary Resident Employee Group By Employee;




                First 5

                Load Employee, Salary Resident Temp Order By Salary Desc;


                Drop Tables Employee, Temp;