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    Help?! ISNULL with expressions!?

    Alex Tomlins

      Hi Guys,


      I have a list of subscribers - All of them have start dates but only some have end dates depending on whether they have unsubscribed or not.


      So for those that have not unsubscribed and have a null i would like to replace the null with the current date - and then calculate the number of days between the startdate and 'end date' '


      So far i have ;


      If(IsNull([UnsubscribeDateTime]),Today(), [UnsubscribeDateTime]) - [SubscribedDateTime]


      The issue I'm having is the False part of the If statement - it's coming back as a blank. It works when replacing the null with the current date but does not give me the number of days for those that do have an unsub date strangely.


      PLease help