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    Geo Coding in the Editor

    Philipp Sauren

      Dear All,


      I'm aware of the inbulid functionality of geo data mapping with ISO codes, city or country names when I add the data via the data manager. But how does it work when I load my data via the editor? How can refere to the existing geodata and link my cities and countries to the data?

      E.g. I'm loading data via the SAP connector and the edior and I would like to assign geo data to my data.


      Any idea/suggestion how to handle this?


      Thanks and regards,



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          S Khan

          It depends how your data looks like for geo map.

          Qlik Sense has by default 2 options to create a map.

          1. Latitude and Longitude (tagged to your Country/State/City etc)

          2. Polygon (KML or CSV files)


          SVG extension supports 2 or 3 digit ISO code for Country, State, City etc

          Google Map takes Latitude/Longitude/KML files as well


          Your data should have link between either country/state/city names to Latitude, longitude or KML data.


          For Latitude Longitude geomapping











          Geomakepoint(Latitude,Longitude) as GeoPoint




          For KML or other ISO codes you do not have to write any extra script, just load the data as is and SVG would take it

          But if only tagging it with lat/long use

          Geomakepoint(Latitude,Longitude) as GeoPoint.

          PFA for your reference.

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              Philipp Sauren

              But therefor I would have to bring the geo data with me, so they have to be in any file available..


              From my understanding the mapping of the geo data is done by the system when I load the data via the data manager (prepare data - and geo information is added), so the geo data is anyways available. Why cant this data be used in case I load the data via the editor?


              Thanks and regards, P.

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                  S Khan

                  You can use the Automated Script generated by Qlik or create your own script as I showed above....

                  Mine is a simple one line script to create a Geopoint, Qlik does the same but also generate some other script which I feel is not required.

                  All I need is GeoPoint.

                  Can you please post an example script you talking about?

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                      Philipp Sauren

                      But the script is only generated automatically, when you add the data via the data manager; if you load the data via scripting in the editor, there is no script generated for geo data.

                      E.g. I load customer city but without any lati/long.


                      If I add the data via data manager, qlik will automatically, link the lati/long data to the city (as long as it is recognised). But when loading via editor, I dont have access to the table with the integrated mapping data (lati/long)..