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    Problems with straight table on server ?



      i have a small qvw of 2MB showing logs of SQL queries through different databases.

      4 sheets with graphs and list boxes and one sheet with a straight table populated with 10 dimensions and 1 expression (CPU) to list the users, times, sqltext etc


      With the QlikView program, accessing the SQL sheet is really fast, instant access even without filters

      but on a server, accessing this sheet in Ajax makes the QV Webserver gets very high in CPU and the QV server (on a 2xCPU 2.8ghz 4gb ram) is very high two.

      Two different people doing this at the same time make a connection lost ..


      Even with a very small set of results, it is slow


      Is a straight table usable on server ? do i have to design it in another way ? can i limit this straight table to only display a few lines ?