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    Lotus Notes and Qlikview Connection

    Iftikhar Ali

      Hi All ,


                How to connect Lotus Notes ( IBM Notes 9  ,Social Edition ,Release 9.0.1 )

      to the attached version of Qlikview.

      @ Peter Cammaert@


      Snap 2017-12-19 at 10.04.16.jpg


        • Re: Lotus Notes and Qlikview Connection
          Peter Cammaert

          I cannot help you any further than I did in the original discussion.


          As I said before, QlikView has nothing to do with this, as the ODBC part is entirely composed of IBM (or 3rd party) products and must be operational before QlikView can even make use of it. As an example: if can can make Excel get data out of Lotus Notes using NotesSQL or another ODBC driver, then QlikView will be to as well.


          I still think that a Lotus Notes or NotesSQL forum is a more appropriate place to find help with the installation and configuration of a Lotus Notes ODBC connection.