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    Plotting charts for files imported based on the file text

    Suraj R



      I have 2 queries with regard to plotting charts based on the file names of the imported content


      1. Considering we have files that are named as: ABC_XY1*.csv and A12*.csv and each of these files contain the same embedded labels, then I would want to import these files based on their text name into separate tables/rows into qlikview.


      For instance, all files containing ABC_XY1 must be loaded onto a table (Such that it can be directly displayed as a separate field) and A12 into another table. How would I need to go about implmenting the same?


      2. Once these files are imported, I want to separately plot the graphs for Y1 vs X [ms] for both file names imported.


      Eg: For ABC_XY1 and ABC_XY2, I require a plot of the values of X [ms] and Y1 for the Content of ABC_XY1 and ABC_XY2. Similarly, for A121 and A122, I require a separate plot of Y1 vs X [ms] for that data from A121 and A122. Do we need to define any expressions for the same?


      Any suggestions to implemente both these queries would be really helpful.


      Mock code:


      if( Importing Files contain ABC_XY text) then

           Load files onto Table1 (---> Plot Graphs of Y1 vs X for Table 1)

      elseif (Importing Files contain A12 text) then

           Load files onto Table2 (---> Plot Graphs of Y1 vs X for Table 2)

      end if



      Current importing technique used:


      Have also attached a couple of test files for your reference.


      Best regards,