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    Can we recover Deleted Server Objects

    chandu shekar



      I have deleted bookmarks in my application from access point. I want to recover those bookmarks.

      Is there any possibility recover deleted bookmarks(Server Objects)?




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          Peter Cammaert



          Except if you made backups of your .Shared files. But restoring an older copy of a .Shared file would mean that you restore everything else in it as well (and possibly drop all other *new* objects that didn't exist then)


          If I'm not mistaken, shared objects can be exported from their binary storage  into xml files (using PowerTools). But those xml files cannot be imported in the AccessPoint document. You can only use those xml representations as a guide to recreate them manually.


          Note: the existing set of PowerTools only works reliably with QV11.20 or earlier. For v12 a new set is bound to surface. No ETA however.