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    extractor app and final app(UI) are not going to exit script tab..??

    vishal goud

      We have a separate extractors for fact and dim tables scheduled the the final app reload based on the success of 2 extractors.


      Dim extractor fine but coming to fact extractor even after generating all the qvds its still shwoing in running state only in QMC.


      we observed that and killed it manually and we reloaded the final app manually now its going on..


      now the same happening with the Final application with UI, its reloaded till before the exit script, but not moving further its been 2 hours

      from the latest log we see that information, it is not exiting the script


      we are bit surprised to see, i wrote exit scirt at the end for both.

      I can not do a full reload in dev env but debug used to work perfectly for extractor and full reload worked perfectly for final app(UI).


      the prod server version is Qv 11.20.13407.0 SR15 (x64).

      dev qv version is Qv 11.20.13607.0 SR17 (x64).


      Please suggest seom solutions to fix this as this is very important now.