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    finding the latest date where sales exist for all customers (in script)

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i need to update a variable in the script that holds the latest date where sales exist for all customers.

      basically, i load in data for all of the customers, some customers are quicker at supplying data than others, i only want to report on the latest date where i have received data for everyone. i need to get this done in the script then once i have found the latest date i need to store the date in a variable. i then want to use the variable later in the script to create some flags against dates.

      I am looking for help to get the script written to find the latest date first.

      can anyone help please?

      i have attached a sample and included a sample excel file with 2 customers in it.

      the excel file has data for Cust A that goes from 04/01/2016-27/11/2016 and data for Cust B from 04/01/2016- 09/10/2017.

      so the resulting variable should state 09/10/2017 as this is the last date that data has been received for both customers.


      can anyone help please?


      Thanks in advance